Phillip Island Waterfront House: 'Best house!'

Phillip Island Waterfront House – Departure Instructions

Departure Instructions

  1. Check out is strictly at 10am unless otherwise arranged.  Our cleaner will arrive shortly after 10am to prepare the house for our next guests.  Additional fees apply for late departure.
  2. Please ensure all dishes are washed, the dishwasher emptied and all dishes and cutlery put back where you found them.  Please allow up to 2 hours for the dishwasher to finish its cycle.
  3. Please bring in all outdoor furniture and return to where you found it.
  4. Please lock all doors – including balconies, bedroom balcony, internal garage door, laundry/back door, front door and back door into garage.
  5. Please close and lock all windows and shut blinds.
  6. Please turn off BBQ gas, clean BBQ and replace the waterproof cover and secure with the straps provided.
  7. Please ensure the billiard room is tidy, the balls and cues placed back in rack and the cover replaced on the table.
  8. Please return the table tennis bats and balls to the garage cupboard, fold the table and replace the cover.
  9. Please place all used bath mats, hand towels and tea towels into the laundry sink.
  10. Please remove your own property from the bedroom cupboards and drawers.
  11. Please take both rubbish bins out for collection.
  12. Please take any excess rubbish and recycling with you.  A removal fee between $40-$100 will be charged for any excess rubbish left behind.
  13. Please place all three keys back into the lock box, close it and turn the numbers to ‘0000’ and slide the black cover back up.

Please ensure that the house is left in a clean and tidy state before you leave.  Additional cleaning fees will be deducted from your bond if the house is not left in the condition as signed for in the terms and conditions.  

Please do not take home any cleaning products or any other Phillip Island Waterfront House property that you found on arrival.  These items are for the convenience of all of our guests as well as for our own family. Items that are taken will incur a replacement fee which will be deducted from your bond.

We hope you enjoyed your stay.  Have a safe trip home!

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