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Learn to speak a language in style!

Learn to speak a language in style!

Phillip Island Waterfront House has partnered together with Dr Matteo Preabianca for language retreats that provide a fully immersive environment free from distractions. The emphasis is on speaking the language, whether French, Italian or Spanish – rather than English – at all points throughout the two day retreat in order to boost students’ language skills.

Over the two day period, there will be at least four main daytime activities focusing on strengthening students’ grammar, conversational skills and listening ability.  In the evenings, you will relax by watching movies in the original language and then have a discussion afterwards where students can voice their opinions of the film and share any linguistic doubts they have with the teacher, who will be a native speaker and expert language teacher. You will read newspapers and magazines in French, Italian or Spanish and there will also be some instruction in how to cook the most popular national dishes from these countries.

The interaction between students is the key of the programme, with your teacher having the role of facilitator and cultural coach. The structure followed is similar to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Language Retreats by the sea – What a great idea!

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